Studio Policies


By enrolling in lessons, you are indicating that you have read and fully understand the studio policies, and are contracting with Goldston Music Studio under all terms listed in policy below.


Tuition is based on two 18 week terms, September through June.   The 2023-24 tuition rates per term are:

  • 30 min – $49 = $882
  • 45 min – $68 = $1224
  • 60 min – $90 = $1620

“Recitals” Fee ($30 – Fall) and “Goldston Music Studio Festival” Fee ($30 – Spring) are added to tuition. See EVENTS section below for more information.

Pay the full semester (preferred), the invoice balance, or four equal payments.

Forms of payment include Zelle (preferred) or credit card via Stripe.

Payment must be received by the first lesson for a student to be considered enrolled.   Subsequent payments must be received by the first of the month to avoid a late fee.

To visit your account on My Music Staff and make a payment via credit card, CLICK HERE.

Returning students MUST enroll in the full 18-week term for Fall and Spring.

Information about summer study is included below.


Tuition fee reserves an exclusive time in the studio schedule.   Regular attendance is expected. Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance, and lessons missed or canceled will not be made up.  There are absolutely no refunds or credits if a student misses a lesson, regardless of the situation.

Please give notice (email/text) if you know you will miss a lesson.  A minimum of 24-hour advance notice is appreciated.

If you need to cancel a lesson, you have two options:

  • Asynchronous Lesson:  Submit a video of a practice session before your usual lesson time.  Written comments will be emailed, with suggestions for improvement.
  • If a mutually agreeable open lesson time becomes available within two weeks of missed lesson, the time will be offered to you.  Unused lessons at the end of the term will be forfeited, and cannot be carried over to subsequent term.

If a student is too sick to attend school, they are too sick to attend a lesson in-person.   For the health of the teacher and other students, if a student has had a fever or vomited within 24 hours of the lesson, or is coughing, sneezing, or otherwise ill, the student should not attend in-person.   Students should consider a virtual lesson if they are feeling up to a lesson, but too ill to attend a lesson in-person.

In the event of inclement weather, including snow or extreme cold weather, students may consider a virtual lesson instead of attending a lesson in-person.   If conditions are unsafe to travel, the teacher reserves the right to conduct virtual lessons in lieu of lessons in-person.

Students who are late for their lesson will only be given the remainder of their time.   Students more than 15 minutes late forfeit their lesson. Teacher is not obligated to wait more than 15 minutes for a student.

However unlikely, any regularly scheduled lessons canceled by the teacher will be rescheduled.


Students have the option of virtual lessons or a hybrid model (in-person lessons with virtual lessons).

Virtual lessons may occasionally be used for instruction in event of illness or inclement weather.

Zoom is used for virtual lessons.

For virtual lessons, students must have a strong internet connection, use a fully charged device with a full screen (computer or laptop), and must position the video so that the student is in profile, with piano keys, face and hands all clearly visible.   For optimal lessons, keep background noise (pets, children, television, meal preparation, conversation) to a minimum.  Device stands and external microphones are encouraged.


Email is the preferred method of communication for the studio.   Goldston Music Studio sends out regular emails regarding lesson schedule, performances, and other studio concerns.

If you are running late or need to cancel a lesson the same day as the lesson, please also text the teacher.


“Recitals” Fee ($30) is added once an academic year for all students, regardless of participation. At least two recitals a year (December and May) are held.

“Goldston Music Studio Festival” Fee ($30) is added once an academic year in Spring Term for all students, K-12 with at least one year of piano instruction, regardless of participation. The festival is held in Spring.

Other Events, including Sonata Festivals, etc, are encouraged. Entrants are responsible for additional fees for these events.


For continued success and progress, summer study is expected to maintain a spot in the studio.   Tuition for summer term is pro-rated.  No refunds or credits will be given for missed or unused lessons during summer term.


Students should attend all lessons, and be prompt to lessons.

Students should have their music for all lessons.

Students are required to prepare their weekly lesson assignment.

Students should practice every day, equal to their lesson duration at minimum.

A well-maintained acoustic piano at home is essential for success.   As an alternative for beginning students, a full-size digital piano, including 88 weighted keys, stand and pedals may be used.

Students are expected to participate in at least two performances per year.

Students in level two of method books or in fifth grade or higher should be enrolled in at least 45-minute lessons.

Students and their families are responsible for purchasing their own music.

Parents/guardians are invited and encouraged to attend lessons, and to communicate with the teacher as needed.

For everyone’s safety, younger students must be accompanied by an adult in the Fine Arts Building at all times.   Students must be picked up on time after each lesson.


Withdrawal requests must be received in writing.  No refunds will be given.


A student may be immediately dismissed at any time for reasons including but not limited to:  excessive absence or tardiness, habitually late payment or nonpayment of tuition, lack of lesson preparation, and behavior/attitude problems.   No refunds will be given.


The teacher reserves the right to use videos or photographs of students engaged in instruction, rehearsal and performance in publications, including the web, studio website, YouTube and Facebook.  Enrollment in lessons constitutes consent to this policy.   The studio follows online safety rules in this matter


An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.  By attending in-person lessons, anyone entering the studio voluntarily assumes all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.  All reasonable precautions will be taken in the studio to ensure the safety of all.