Store FAQ

I made a purchase. How do I get my download?

Simply use the download link on the purchase confirmation page or from the confirmation email.  You can also log in to your account and download the PDF up to three times.

How do I use my PDF?

Load the PDF onto your computer or tablet to use on your device.  Apps like ForScore, piaScore or Books can be used to view PDFs.  

Alternatively, you can print the music on standard size paper.

You can also bring the PDF to a printer, have them change the order of the pages and print on 11×17 paper for a regular printed product in booklet form.   All items in the store can be printed in this way, as they are in multiples of four pages. For example, printing pages 1 and 4 on one side, and 2 and 3 on the other side would look like print sheet music.  Simply tell your local printer to print in booklet form on tabloid paper, double-sided (and if needed, stapled).

Are print versions of the music available?

What does Single-User License mean? Can I share or photocopy the music?

All of the PDFs are intended for use by one person only.   They may not be shared or photocopied with others.   Sharing and photocopying is illegal!

How do I get a refund for my purchase?

Refunds are not available for purchased products.  The downloadable PDFs have been stamped with a personalized proof of purchase, and have been licensed to you. 

I still have questions!

Use the Contact page for additional assistance.